5 Must Have Dog Products for Summer

Dogs have a love-hate relationship with summers. On the one hand, they enjoy physical activities like swimming, playing with toys, and going for a walk. Whereas on the other hand, they find it discomforting and hard to maintain their body temperature.

This happens because, unlike humans, dogs have to release heat via panting, paw pads, and nose, which becomes quite challenging. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right summer products for your pet so that its mood and body temperature are in check.

Don’t worry; you don't have to go hunting for these products on the internet because this article enlists the best must-have summer products for your dog.

5 Must Have Dog Products for Summer

1. Sun and Wind Goggles

Sunny and windy days can be very troubling for your pet’s eyes. Hence, sun and wind goggles should be the first summer product to invest in, as these goggles provide complete protection to your dog from extreme sunlight and wind.

Plus, it’s a great product for photosensitive dogs as they are more prone to sunlight. Now your pet can look all stylish and cool in the goggles while protecting its eyes from the windy breeze and scorching sun.

2. Summer Cooling Pads

Summer cooling pads are ideal for hot summer days as they provide a soothing cooling experience to your furry pal. These summer cooling pads will stimulate your dog's mood and keep it happy, comfortable, and cool throughout the humid and hot summer weather.

3. Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

Apart from cooling pads, the dog swimming pool is also a good option for keeping your dog cool during summers. This product is suitable for pets that prefer more physical outdoor activities than indoor activities.

Plus, the foldable feature of the pool makes it more portable and storage-friendly for pet owners. It can be excellent for a summertime backyard bath for your pet. Certainly, a must-have summer product for your dog.

4. De-shedding and Trimming Tool

If you’re a dog owner then, you’re surely familiar with your dog shedding in the spring season. Well, this happens because your pet is preparing for the warm weather ahead in summer. However, this shedding creates a mess on the floor, along with getting uncomfortable for the pet.

Hence, purchasing a de-shedding and light trimming tool can save the day, and you can make your dog feel comfy and cool by removing the unwanted fur.

5. Life Jacket / Swimming Vest

For first-time swimming pups, life jackets are really beneficial as they can help give support to your puppy as well as teach it how to swim and keep its head above water.

Furthermore, if you visit the beach or large swimming pools during the summer with your pet then, a life jacket is a must-have for the puppy's safety.


If you live in Canada and you’re looking for must-have dog products for summer, this article will be the best guide for you. The guide mentions 5 must-have dog products for summer that’ll help stimulate your pet's mood and keep it happy throughout the summers. Browse HappyDog for more.

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