Top 5 Benefits of Slow Feeders for Dogs
Many dogs, and in particular big dogs, gulp down their food which poses the risk of choking and other health problems.

So what can you do about this habit of your dog? Well, for starters, you can purchase a slow feeder bowl that will help slow down the eating process of your dog along with minimizing gulping.

However, it is understandable you want to know about its benefits. So let's take a look at the top 5 benefits of slow feeders.

Top 5 Benefits of Slow Feeders

1. Slows Down Your Dog to Prevent Choking

The first and foremost benefit of a slow feeder is preventing your dog from choking on the food. This is possible due to the design of the slow feeder, which makes it difficult for the dog to inhale the food fast. A slow feeder promotes chewing and slows down the rate at which your dog initially eats the food.

2. Reduces Gas and Bloating

Bloating and gas are again linked to the speed at which your pet eats. If your dog eats food swiftly, then this might lead to bloating, and at times gas. This can be unhealthy and uncomfortable for the pet. Hence, the slow feeder reduces the constant bloating and ultimately helps to stimulate the mood of your dog as well as keep it healthy.

3. Promotes Better Digestion

One of the problems with fast-eating dogs is they can’t digest properly. This happens because of inhaling the food, which leads to improper digestion resulting in vomiting. So, the only solution to improve digestion is to encourage your dog to chew more and eat slowly, which can be done with the help of a slow feeder bowl.

4. Counters Obesity

Whenever your dog is gulping down all of the food, it is unable to conform to its appetite, and you are forced to give him or her more food when he or she looks at you with those cute eyes. The issue with this is that your pet will develop a large appetite which is going to result in obesity. So, if you want to prevent your dog from getting overweight then, you’ll have to utilize a slow feeder bowl to stop this.

5. Improves Eating Habits

Usually, dogs don’t have adequate diets at rescue centers or breeders. Because of this, your dog might develop a habit of eating as fast as possible so that it won’t have to deal with the fear of letting the food go. Slow feeders help your dog to slow down and develop a habit of chewing and eating slowly.


Slow feeder bowls are great for preventing issues like obesity, bloating, and inadequate digestion in your pet. Plus, these bowls also prevent choking on food. Hence, slow feeders should be utilized by any dog owner whose dog is facing the issue of fast eating. You can choose the best slow feeder bowl in Canada for your dog from HappyDog.

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