How to Groom Your Dog: 4 Steps [Guide]
Grooming not only helps your dog flaunt its shiny and clean coat, along with looking all stylish and fab. But it is also proven beneficial for the health of dogs.

So, if you are looking for a detailed guide on how to groom your dog then, I’d like to tell you this is the right place to start. As we proceed with this article, you’ll get to know the step-by-step directions to groom your dog.

Why is Grooming Your Dog Important?

Some dog owners do not consider grooming their puppy or dog, but it’s crucial for the health of the pet and overall hygiene. Brushing has many benefits besides detangling the fur, such as providing adequate ventilation, help to grow a healthy and strong coat. Moreover, grooming regulates the temperature and lets the dog's skin breathe preventing a greasy coat.

Grooming can also contribute to creating a stronger bond with your dog, as regular grooming will give him/her relaxation and more time to bond with you.

A Step by Step Guide to Grooming Your Dog:

Step #1: Brush your dog's coat

The first step to how to groom your dog is brushing your pet's coat. Brushing prevents your dog's coat from mats and ultimately avoids other health conditions or infections on the dog's skin. Therefore, brushing frequently can help your dog’s fur stay pollen and mats-free.

Step #2: Bathing your furry pal

The next step to grooming your dog is bathing. Regular bathing ensures hygiene and lets the pet's coat stay clean and out of bacteria. However, before carrying out the grooming step 2, make sure the dog's fur is detangled.

Step #3: Clean your pet's eyes

Many dogs have a build of discharge around their eyes which needs to be cleaned up. However, do not try to trim around the eyes as the area near the eyes is sensitive. Thus, make use of a piece of cotton to wipe away the discharge near the eyes. Implementing this step regularly can prevent the build-up of discharge around your dog's eyes.

Step #4: Clip nails!

Keeping a check on your dog's paw is highly important as the nail growth can be quite quick. In addition, long nails can lead to scratching that can prove to be dangerous for you as well as anyone who plays with your pet.

Normally, you’ll need to clip the dog's nails once every three or six weeks. Nevertheless, this step should be carried out only if you’re confident enough to do it; otherwise, you might end up bleeding your pet's claws.

For professional help, you can take your dog to a vet or groomer to carry out this grooming step.


Grooming can save your dog from infections and other skin conditions. Plus, it helps maintain the pet’s hygiene, which is essential for the overall health of your pet. Furthermore, frequent grooming also helps check your dog for any sores, scratches, bumps, lumps, and fleas. Also, you can purchase excellent quality grooming products from HappyDog.

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