How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Everyday

Exercise is quite essential for both humans and animals and dogs are not excluded. Dogs need a lot of exercise to keep fit and function well. Before you adopt a dog be sure to have time to cater for and exercise with your dog.

Although exercises are important for your dog, you must also try to make it simple and follow the necessary rules to avoid stressing the dog. Before you start the exercise, it is important to visit your veterinarian to ask about the right amount of exercise which a dog can engage in.

Let's delve into the amount of exercises required by a dog per day and the factors surrounding it. If you are a dog owner or you're planning to be, this article is for you.

Amount of Exercise Required by a Dog Per Day

To know the ideal amount of exercise for your dog, the ultimate solution is visiting your veterinarian for proper medical advice. But veterinarians have decided to make it easier for us by giving out the essential information as it concerns dogs and exercise.

There are different factors to consider while discussing the amount of exercises . These factors includes;

  • Age
  • Breed
  • Health status

1.   Age

Age is a huge determinant as the amount of exercise for dogs varies due to their age.

For a puppy: A puppy being little with soft bones and joints needs a moderate amount of exercise. A puppy of between the age of 1 month to 3 months needs at least 5 to 10 minutes of exercise for proper growth of their joints. This exercise is observed twice per day for effective results.

A puppy which is beyond 3 months can extend the exercise to 15 minutes , twice a day without any medical complications. The exercise is taken slowly as their bones and joints are still adapting and growing. There are some good puppies which are stable and very active, Corgi Puppies is one of such puppies as it performs very well in exercises and training despite its size.

For an Adult Dog: Adult dogs are the strongest as their bones and joints are very strong. Dogs of this age can withstand a lot of exercise. An active dog can go as far as having an hour of exercise in a day. This is because the dog's body system has adapted to such exercises and it will not affect its system. Inactive adult dogs can have 30 minutes of exercise as they don't move regularly. They might have joint pains if engaged in strenuous exercise activities. The adult dogs mostly engage in high impact exercises as that is the most active age.

For a Senior Dog: A dog said to be senior has grown old and less active. A senior dog doesn't require much exercise as the body system has gone weak and cannot withstand some exercises. At this age, a low impact exercise is advised it will help the dog from pains. A senior dog should exercise 15 to 30 minutes everyday depending on how active it was as an adult dog. Notwithstanding the age, a senior dog still needs to exercise in order to prevent joint pains and other diseases that come with age.

2.   Breed

Another strong determinant of how much exercise a dog needs everyday is the breed of the dog. There are different dog breeds and this affects the activeness of the dog.

Small Dog Breed: The small dog breed needs a moderate amount of exercise which might range from 15 to 30 minutes depending on how stable the dog is. It is believed that they require a smaller amount of exercise as they don't do much. The small dog breed does not engage in strenuous exercises and they just keep it moderate and shallow.

Medium Energy Dog Breed: This is the breed of dogs with the height level of energy. They can go as far as exercising for 40 to 80 minutes everyday and they are quite strong and very active. This breed of dogs engages in strenuous exercises which will strengthen the bone and make the joints more flexible. This breed is a lover of exercise and does it to the fullest with a drop in energy level.

Large and Giant Dogs Breed: These are large dogs with strong and big bones. These dogs need exercise but cannot measure up with the medium breed of dogs. The large breed dogs can exercise for about 30 to 45 minutes without any complications health wise. Due to their large size, some owners usually over exercise the dog. This is wrong as this can affect the joint and cause problems.

3.   Health Status

The health status of a dog is very important to take note of before engaging it in any exercise. Medically stable dogs perform the best exercises. They give their best and enjoy what they do no matter how strenuous it is.

Dogs who are sick should not be extremely exercise as it requires more rest than exercise for a better health performance. The dogs with a challenging health condition should be taken to a veterinarian for treatment before any form of exercise. The type of exercises the dog undergoes or engages in will be determined by the veterinarian who knows the amount and type of exercise which is suitable for a sick dog.

Dog Exercises

Most people get confused as they don't know the exercises that are suitable for dogs. Here is a short list of exercises which are suitable for dogs;

Fetch:  This involves throwing toys or any safe sticks at a distance for your dog to pick them up. Dogs enjoy the fetch game a lot as it does not just help their skeletal growth but also their mental growth. It helps a dog become more alert and active.

Hiking: Most dogs need hiking as it is an outdoor activity.  Hiking serves as one the type of exercise which a dog can engage in and it helps in the skeletal and mental development of the dog.

Swimming: Swimming is a dog's exercise. A dog can be taken for a swim but under the supervision of the owner to avoid drowning or getting sick due to excessive cold. Swimming helps brighten the dog and helps its skeletal building.

Walk: Taking a walk with your dog is very essential as it helps to build a good relationship between you and your dog.  It also serves as a form of exercise to help the dog's agility. Walking also helps build a strong skeletal system for both the dog and the owner.


A dog owner should endeavor to meet the veterinarian for advice before  engaging the dog in an exercise. This is because of the many factors to consider. The amount of exercise required by a dog for each day should not be assumed by the size of the dog as the large breed of dogs should not be over exercised.

Knowing the right amount of exercise for your dog helps to prevent obesity and arthritis which often occurs in dogs which engage in little or no exercise. It also helps prevent joint pains due to excessive exercise which is too strenuous for the dog.


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