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Morty is a fun loving and energetic Chocolate Labrador! He's an expert fetcher and an even better snuggler! He's friendly and loves to play and share with other dogs especially his sister Freya! 📷 Instagram: @morty.the.choco

Luna & Leo

Luna is 3 years old, she may be small but she is feisty and full of attitude! She loves playing ball and pawtrolling for squirrels. Leo is 2 years old, has a goofy personality, and is so playful and is obsessed with food! 📷 Instagram: @luna.westie.toronto


Hi frens! My name is Sookie. I am a 13 year old red shiba who loves exploring all over BC. My favourite food is salmon and sweet yams. I am a professional model too! Hope to meet more doggo frens on the trails. 📷 Instagram: @sookietheshibainu


Hi, I am Moose! I am a 6 month old Newfypoo from Strathroy, Ontario. I love food and my humans. My mom says I am a very sweet good boy. I am excited to be an ambassador for HappyDog and supporting a local Canadian company! 📷 Instagram: @moose.the.newfypoo


Meet Luna! A super sassy double doodle that lives in Victoria BC. A treat connoisseur, leaf chaser, and a lover of all things that include cuddles. 📷 Instagram: @itslunathedood

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