HappyDog Ambassador Program

🐶 + 👩 / 👨 = 👑

Do you and your dog want to be HappyDog Ambassadors?

We're currently looking...

🥳 There's lots of benefits:
1. Enjoy exclusive discounts and free merchandise
2. Receive product giveaways for your followers
3. Get featured on our website and instagram page
4. Be our brand ambassador (flaunt it!) and model our products

📋 How to apply:
Tell us why you would make a great ambassador for HappyDog! Be sure to include all the information below in an email to info@TheHappyDog.ca so that we can get to know you!

1. Name
2. Email address
3. Instagram handle (@___)
4. Your dog's name 
5. Number of IG followers
6. Why you (and your dog) would make great ambassadors

👉 Apply Now!
We will reach out to you if you have been chosen. We're planning on accepting a small group of ambassadors for HappyDog. Good luck 😊

Email us: info@TheHappyDog.ca

Meet Our Ambassadors 🐶 🐩 🐕