Everyday Retractable Leash

Color: Blue
Size: 3M - 15KG

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La description

Every dog owner needs the strong, and dependable Everyday Retractable Leash. It comes in three (3) leash sizes - 3, 5, 8 meters length  - fit for any sized dog. Because we understand not all dogs are the same size/weight, the 5m length leash comes in standard and "PLUS" models. The 5m PLUS retractable leash can support dogs that weigh up to 50kg / 110 pounds - it's that STRONG!

Finally enjoy superior control and security, while your furry pal walks or runs comfortably with you. This retractable leash has one-touch button control to relax and tighten the leash, as well as a rubber grip to give you firm traction - this leash will never slip out of your hand. The high-strength cord allows you walk with confidence, and the chromed snap hook easily and securely attaches to any collar or harness — it’s the ultimate walking experience for you and your buddy. Choose your favourite colour.

Key Benefits

  • Superior control and security; your dog walks / runs will be so much better
  • Convenient brake button on the Everyday Retractable Leash provides a fast, reliable response
  • Ergonomic, rubber grip so it will never slip out of your hand
  • Available in a variety of great colours, and 3M, 5M, and 8M lengths
  • The 5 meter length leash also comes in the PLUS model, meaning it can support heavier dog's (50kg)

What's Included

1x Everyday Retractable Leash


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