Top 8 Essential Products Checklist for Your New Puppy
If you’ve recently decided to adopt a cute little puppy and it excites you to bring the furry friend home, but you’re unsure about the essential products needed for welcoming your new doggy friend, this is for you

Please don’t worry, as we’ve brought you the ultimate checklist of essential products needed for your new puppy.

Checklist of Essential Products for Your New Puppy:

All of the items mentioned in this checklist are absolutely important for your new puppy, and these will help you take care of your pet.

1. Bed

The first and most important thing to purchase for the comfort of your puppy is a nice and soft bed. Make sure this bed is big enough for the puppy to stretch and grow in. Apart from this, focus on the bed's fabric too, check if it’s suitable for the puppy's breed.

2. Bowls

Another important thing that you’re going to need for your pet is slip-free bowls. Separate slip-free bowls for food and water are essential for giving food and water to the puppy.

3. Collars

The next thing to purchase for your puppy is a good quality collar that fits right according to the breed and size of the dog. Moreover, do keep a check on the collars fit as puppies grow rapidly, which means the collar can get tight and uncomfortable in a few months.

4. Tags

Apart from a collar, you need to get a personalized dog tag as well. This tag can be engraved with your pet's name and an emergency contact number; if your pet gets lost while you’ve taken it outdoors.

5. Leash

After you’ve got a collar and tag, the next thing you’ve to shop for is a leash to attach onto the collar of your puppy. The leash is necessary: when taking your puppy outdoors, as it keeps the pet in your sight and prevents your dog from getting lost in crowded areas.

6. Puppy Diapers

Obviously, it is going to take a while for you to potty train your puppy. Till then, you must purchase some puppy diapers or nappies for outdoors and even indoors for a while till you properly train your pet.

7. Clothing and Blankets

Blankets and clothing are necessary for puppies as they can get uncomfortable during the night. Plus, dogs with short coats need clothing to save them from feeling cold and uncomfortable. Apart from this, you can purchase some clothes for styling purposes as well.

8. Grooming Kit

The last thing to add to the puppy checklist is a grooming kit. This kit can include shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrush, detangling tool, and fur-trimmer. You’ll need all of these things to groom and keep your pet hygienic throughout the year.


It’s important to make a checklist of essential products for your new puppy so that you don’t miss out on any important item needed. Moreover, if you live in Canada and you want to conveniently purchase these essential products online for your new puppy, they're all available on HappyDog

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