How to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Other Pets

Having a new dog is great and thrilling. It gives off a different kind of vibe and excitement but do your other pets share in this excitement?

Having to introduce your new dog to your other pets is never easy. You need a concrete plan to execute that successfully. Introducing your new dog to other pets is quite important. This is a process that shouldn't be rushed especially if the other pet is not a dog.

In this article, we'll delve into how you can introduce your new pet to your other pets successfully. We will also see the things to look out for while doing this.

A Key to a Successful Introduction 

For a successful introduction, there is something you have to have which is;

  • Patience: You must understand this introduction and you need to exercise lots of patience in order to do it well. Rushing in the introduction might not give you the required results.

You must be patient with your new dog and also be very patient with the older pets. This is because it takes time for pets to adapt and accept another one. Give them time and work with them all through the process.

Signs You Need to Look out for During the Introduction 

You need to be very observant during the Introduction. Look out for these signs in order to know when to stop, pause or continue the Introduction. 

  • Red: This is when the pets (both old and new) are responding poorly to the Introduction process. They might be aggressive with each other. Stop the process immediately to avoid a bad clash. Keep them away from each other a few days before trying it out again.
  • Yellow: This is when the pets are not very aggressive but also not embracing. There might be some tension between them. At this point, it is advisable to give the Introduction a pause or break.  
  • Green: This is when the pets have successfully been introduced and they accept each other. This means you can move to the next step of your plans.

Note: While introducing your new dog to different pets, do it separately. Introduce your new dog to a dog pet separately. Introduce the cat separately. Introduce the bunny separately. This is because these pets do not have the same level of acceptance, especially the bunny.

How to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Dog

For the dog to dog introduction, a walk in a neutral territory is advisable. Making sure both dogs do not negatively react to leash. Also making sure both dogs can take a walk freely.

A walk helps you have control over the situation. You can let them sniff each other for a few minutes while watching their reaction closely. Call them back after a while and continue the walk. Do this at least three times before taking them back home.

When at home, keep them separately. You can talk them on another walk later in the day repeating the same process till they are comfortable with each other. Allow them to play together at home but under very close supervision. Do this till you are sure they can co-exist.

How to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Cat

It is advisable to place your new dog on a fixed leash while this Introduction is on going and keep a distance between them. Then make the Introduction brief, take them back to their separate places to allow the cat to sniff the dog's scent.

You can repeat this process for a while before using a retractable leash. You'll need the help of an extra hand to help you with this process. Before then, trim your cat's nails and make the edges smooth to avoid unforeseen injury. 

You might decide to hold the cat while someone else helps with the leash. You are well acquainted with your cat so you know what she prefers. Don't hold the cat too tightly to avoid undue stress.

Repeat this process while looking out for the red, yellow and green spotlight till they are comfortable with each other, then you can let them be together but with close supervision and alertness.

How to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Bunny

Bunnies are quite timid and easily intimidated so you really need to be patient with this process. While starting the Introduction for the very first time, keep your bunny inside her hutch for safety reasons and keep the dog on a leash. If you have a Flemish giant rabbit, you might need an indoor hutch. An indoor rabbit hutch gives it maximum protection as a bunny is very timid. 

Make the Introduction brief as the money might be easily intimidated by the new dog. The Introduction should take place after the new dog has eaten and exercised properly. If the dog barks a lot and shows aggressiveness, stop the Introduction and take him away. 

Continue this process for a while and take note of their reactions. If your new dog is welcoming and your rabbit is no longer hiding then you can move to the next stage of the Introduction.

You might need someone's help at this stage in order to hold the dog's leash. Hold your bunny on your lap, making it be at eye level with the dog. This is because of the timid nature of the rabbit. At this level the dog will also see her as an equal. If your dog is aggressive, have someone take him out.

If the introduction is successful and you are sure your new dog is welcoming and your bunny is overcoming her timidness, then you can move to the next stage.

Let the rabbit and the dog play together but with great caution and alertness. Don't ever leave them alone even if the dog shows a sign of acceptance.


The sole aim of this Introduction is to create a long lasting relationship between your new dog and other pets. While doing this, you must put safety into huge consideration.

Make sure no pet is injured during the process of Introduction. Be very patient during and after the Introduction. Be very watchful of your pets' acceptance of the new dog.

When this has been successfully achieved, you can let them coexist peacefully as a family. 


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