DNA MY Dog - Canine Breed Identification Test Kit (Dog DNA)

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The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test will determine every breed in your dog with your dog's own DNA. When you order your DNA My Dog test today you will get a full report emailed to you within two weeks or less of us receiving your sample. Sample collection is fast, easy and painless. The DNA testing kit results you receive will compare against 350+ breeds in the database!

With your test you will discover:

  • Unique personality traits of your dog
  • Genetic health concerns
  • Predisposition to disease
  • Plus, much, much more!

Your results will include:

  • A custom photo certificate of the breed’s found in your dog’s genetic breed composition
  • A percentage breakdown of the levels found in your dog’s unique DNA
  • A report on dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns

Key Benefits

  • CANINE DNA TEST KIT: This simple to use Dog DNA testing kit will look at 350+ breeds to provide you with an accurate analysis of your pets DNA
  • EASY, PAINLESS CHEEK SWAB: A simple swab of your dog's cheek is all that you will need to send in for analysis and once DNA My Dog receives your kit, they will return your results within 2 weeks
  • BREED IDENTIFICATION REPORT: Once DNA My Dog processes the cheek swab you will receive a full report of all breeds found by percentage, along with a custom certificate with this information
  • NOT BREED INFORMATION ALONE: This dog DNA breed test kit also provides the general health concerns and personality traits found in the breeds found in your dog DNA
  • BENEFITS OF TESTING: Beyond wanting to get to know the breeds of your beloved dog, this information will help you be more aware of possible health issues common in those breeds so you can be proactive about their care

How it Works

The DNA Dog Test Kit works by you collecting cheek cells with the sterile cotton swab that's included in the kit, and mailing the sample to the lab for processing. Results are typically available online within 2 weeks from the receipt of the sample. Afterward, paperwork will follow in the mail. Please Note: The Dog DNA Test Kit can be used to test dogs of any age for breed determination. If possible when testing young puppies who have yet to be weaned from mother, make sure the puppy has not fed from mother or had oral contact for approximately 1 to 2 hours before taking the sample.

What's Included

1x DNA Test Kit

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